QMA Music and Art Enrichment Programming

With over 10 years of experience in early childhood music education and running as the director of school programs and camps at Queens Music Academy, Choi Fairbanks is a developer, consultant and provider of music education to schools in New York City.

The experience Ms. Fairbanks has had with music education made her start a music and art enrichment program that is offered on a contractual basis. The mission is to bring a consistent and vibrant music and art curriculum to schools and preschools in the area that cannot afford to hire full time instructors. Even with schools that have part-time instructors, they still have the problem of high turnover rate. Therefore, keeping their students from making the progress they would otherwise can be achieved by having a consistent and cumulative curriculum. By working with QMA, schools can ensure that their music and art curriculum remains constant and fluid, allowing for greater success among students.

A major component of QMA’s School Programming is that we provide all necessary music instruments and props. By doing so, schools are not investing in materials that might not be used by a subsequent music and art educator.

In addition to general music, QMA can provide in full band and orchestra programs completed with group classes and direct-to-parent access to instrument rentals. Programs are tailored to school's needs and have various pricing models which include parent funding, are available.

CONTACT US to request a proposal specially tailored to your school's needs today.

Programs include:

  • Creative Lego Workshop

  • Ukulele Ensemble

  • String Ensemble (Violin/Cello)

  • Keyboard Class

  • Glee Club (Singing)


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