Private Music Lesson - After we receive your payment and the student information form we are able to schedule a lesson by selecting the best suited music teacher. The selected teacher will contact you as soon as possible to schedule the lesson based on your availability and their availability throughout the week. Please contact us if there are any scheduling conflicts with our teachers. 

Teachers, as well as students, are responsible to be on time for the scheduled lesson. If teachers are late for any reason they are responsible to make up that amount of time. If students are late, teachers are not required to make up that amount of time. 

Please be aware that it is against our policy for teachers to teach our students outside of QMA. Siphoning off our students greatly hurts our business, and the QMA community. A violation of that policy will result in the teacher’s immediate termination. Please do not negotiate with our wonderful teachers to break our long wonderful relationship. Thank you!



Student - If a student is not able to attend the scheduled lesson, unless 24 hours notice is given, the lesson will be charged at normal rate. The parent/guardian must contact their child's teacher directly to reschedule the (“make up”) lesson. However in the case of an emergency, sickness or weather condition which prevents the student from attending the lesson within 24 hours, we are able to provide a make up lesson without charge. For camp or music classes, there are not refunds after the first camp day or music class. 


Teacher - In the event of a teacher’s absence, the teacher is responsible to contact the student directly in advance (except in the case of an emergency) and arrange for a make-up lesson at a future date. Please contact us if there are any issues regarding an unexpected absence. We may be able to find a temporary substitute teacher for the lesson but it’s not guaranteed. 




Trial Lesson Package - The three trial lessons booked are expected to be taught within couple weeks. You can try more than one lesson per week. Four lesson auto recurring payment will set up, you wish to continue after the trials, the teacher will book a lesson. Please remember that the teacher can’t book any lessons if there is no money. That is why you need notify us if the teacher books a lesson without your permission so that we can stop setting up the autopay option. Also if you prefer to pay with 10 or more lessons in one check or using online transfer, please see below.


One Lesson Package - Every one lesson booked is taught within the one week of purchase. However, with few a exemptions you may be able to receive an addition week to reschedule the lesson. 


Four Lesson Package - The four lessons booked are expected to be taught within the month of purchase. However, you’ll have an additional month to reschedule and complete all four lessons.


Ten Lesson Package - The ten lessons book are expected to be taught within 3 months of purchase. However, you’ll have an additional 2 months to reschedule and complete all ten lessons.





Packages - Payment for the lesson packages are due before the first lesson scheduled. 


Camp Appointments - Payment for camp appointments are due before the first camp day scheduled. 




Cash - We do not accept cash as a payment option. 


Checks - Checks can be dropped off in our schools mailbox. Please email us at when you’ve dropped off the check. 


Direct - Direct payments can be made using Chase Quick Pay, Venmo, or PayPal to our director at Please make sure you indicate what the payment is for using any of these payment platforms. After you pay, make sure to take a screenshot of the receipt and send it to




Checks - Please keep us updated if there are any reasons why a check payment can not be made before the first lesson package purchased. 


Declined Credit or Debit Card - You will be notified via text, call or email if the card saved on our system reads “declined”. After receiving our notification you’ll receive up to two weeks to resolve this transition on your end or a $25 late payment fee will apply. 


Shirley Givens' violin land book cover

Shirley Givens' violin land book cover


Our philosophy and methods follows by Dr. Suzuki and Shirley Givens.

The essence of his philosophy may be found in the following quotes from his many writings:

"Character first, ability second".

"Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue. The potential of every child is unlimited".

"Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens, noble human beings. If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth, and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance. He gets beautiful heart."

"Where love is deep, much will be accomplished."

"My dream is for the happiness of all children. I feel respect and friendly feelings for everyone. In particular, I cannot help but feel respect and warm feelings for young children. And my heart brims over with a desire to help make all the children born upon the earth fine human beings, happy people, people of superior ability. My whole life energies are devoted to this end."

"Man is the son of his environment."

"I have no doubt that people are born with hereditary physiological differences, but I believe that a person's abilities grow and develop depending on the stimulation from outside."

"I firmly believe that any child can become superior, and my confidence has never been betrayed."

"An unlimited amount of ability can develop when parent and child are having fun together."

"Music is a language that goes beyond speech and letters - a living art that is almost mystical. This is where its emotional impact comes in. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven - without exception they live clearly and palpably in their music, and speak forcefully to us, purifying us, refining us, and awakening in us the highest joy and emotion."


Tuition must be prepaid for periods of either a full semester (20 weeks), half semester (10 weeks), or a minimum of one month; not weekly, as-you-go, etc. Payment for the entire period (month, half- or full-semester) is due no later than the beginning of the first lesson of that period. A $5 late payment fee will be added automatically when the payment didn't make it but the lesson was taught each time. (NO exception). 

Queens Music Academy and all of its staff will no longer be accepting cash as a form of payment. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. By both the necessity of fully utilizing the website  system, and to avoid past confusion and lack of payment documentation, this is a determination the school needed to make. All the other convenient payments methods still exist, of course. These are:

1. By check (drop off)
Please do not give your check to your teacher. Due to resulting confusion this has caused parents to get much-delayed credit for their payments. Rather, drop off the check in the gray metal mail box , which is visible as you enter the studio. Note: make checks payable to Queens Music Academy.

2. By check (mail)
Mail the check to 60-19 Roosevelt Ave, #228 Woodside NY 11377 Note: make checks payable to Sunnyside String School.

3. Online
This includes credit cards and Paypal. Register and log in to this website and pay through under online sore tab above : If you are not sure the amount you owe, notify me for further instructions.

Queens Music Academy's has updated its cancellation policy to address concerns and requests for further clarification from both parents and staff. Please review it carefully as there are several new important changes introduced:  

1. A scheduled lesson is defined as a weekly lesson occurring on a student's regular day/time slot, determined at the beginning of the semester.  

2. Should a student not be able to attend any scheduled lesson, parent/guardian must contact their child's teacher directly (not the school), and receive a response at least 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson.  Cancellation on the day will be consider as missed which means the parents are obligated to pay the teacher's lesson scheduled time.

3. The only acceptable contact methods are to the teacher's phone (either by speaking, voice mail, or text); or to the teacher's email (only with at least 24 hours notice).  

4. Parent/guardian requesting cancellation must receive a response from their teacher at least 24 hours before scheduled lesson, in order to be entitled to a rescheduled (“make-up”) lesson.

5. For cancellation requests not confirmed in the above manner, it will be at the teacher's discretion whether or not to allow lesson to be rescheduled. Therefore it is crucial that a parent/guardian give their teacher as much notice as possible for cancellations, and to make every attempt to reach the teacher.

6. A maximum of three canceled lessons may be rescheduled per semester. These include lessons canceled for any reason (emergency, sickness, weather, etc). Any and all canceled lessons beyond the first three will not be rescheduled or refunded for any reason.

7. In the event of a teacher’s absence, the teacher is responsible to contact the student directly in advance (except in the case of an emergency) and arrange for a make-up lesson at a future date. Should issues arise in rescheduling please contact the school.

8. For any enrichment program refund, there will be one trial day (paid) is allowed and the parents has to decide whether she/he should continue or not for the rest of semester.  Since they commit to the semester, there will be 50% refund available after the first day and no refund after the second day.