Choi Fairbanks

Founder & Director

(Teaches Cello & Piano)

Queens Music Academy, formerly known as Sunnyside Strings School, was founded in 2009 by Choi Fairbanks. From teaching private in-home lessons to creating an after-school music center, Choi has built an incredible community of students, teachers and connections in the NYC area.

Choi holds dual Master degrees in Classical and Jazz Performance’s from the University of South Florida. As a multifaceted instrumentalist and composer Choi has built her career through extensive worldwide touring. Performing primarily as a world renowned cellist, her proficiencies extend to performances as a pianist, violinist, bassist, and composer.

Apart from raising a family, Choi’s vision and passion for QMA is her utmost priority. As a passionate visionary, Choi wants nothing more than to see her students progress and develop an appreciation and passion for music.


Ariel Arellano


(Teaches Music production, Guitar, Piano & Drums)

Since his addition to the team in 2018, Ariel has revamped Queens Music Academy in numerous innovative ways. From the back end to the front end of the business, Ariel’s multi-talented skills and competencies are consistently elevating QMA towards higher achievements and success stories.

Ariel received his Bachelors of Arts in Multimedia for the Music Business with a concentration in Sound Recording Technology from State University of New York at Fredonia. From performing to recording, composing to publishing, designing to editing, teaching to managing, Ariel thrives on creating high quality work on all platforms.

On top of being the most genuine and hardworking individual, Ariel wants nothing more than to see his students and friends succeed in the music scene.

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Chialing Pidd

Administrative Assistant