Practice/perform in Woodside

60-19 Roosevelt Ave, Suite #228, Woodside, Queens NY.  This location is available for individual practice, large group rehearsals, or even small recitals.  Including sound isolation rooms, grand piano, full drum kit, amps, and more.



Anchoring the studio is our newly-refurbished Hardman grand piano. Its rich sound will light up any rehearsal or recital.  Also a full professional Yahama drum kit (snare, kick, hi-hat, toms, cymbals stands). Various amplifiers for guitar, bass, keyboard and vocals. Music stands, microphones.


Practice rooms

We have three Wenger Sound Isolation rooms, plus a large Ensemble room.  The Wenger rooms each have their own electric piano, and air circulation system for added comfort.  Their various sizes allow practice from 1-4 people. Perfect for drummers and others who need a place to be loud!


Ensemble room

Our Ensemble room can accommodate rehearsals or meetings of up to 20 people depending on equipment used. It can also host an intimate recital from solo to quartet, for an audience of 15-20 people. Very sunny with large windows on two sides.