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ALL STUDENTS - I release Queens Music Academy from any liability for any injury, loss or damage that may occur during the program and give a permission to publish photographs/videos taken of my child only for the school's advertisement purposes only(no detail will be indicated: name, place, and etc).  CAMP STUDENTS - Permit to walk to the closest playground/park: I understand that NYC DOE requires all the child care to take children to a park or playground every three hours when weather permitting. So I give a permission to take my child when it is possible. All Students: No refund after the first day of any group classes since the group classes are planned based on the registration. Cancellation Notice: All scheduled lessons must be notified to the teacher directly at least 24 hours prior in order to reschedule, otherwise we consider as you forfeit the fee. We allow three planed cancellations in one semester, all cancelled lessons must made up within the same semester. All lesson fees are based on weekly lesson, if you skip the lesson, it is you and your teacher's responsibility to find a make up lesson time as soon as possible. Please remember that we give two months to make it up. Pre-Paid required: All program requires pre-payment. Payment must have been made before the first class happens, if you take lessons without the payment in your account, it is consider as borrowing money from school account, therefore it will be $5 borrowing fee for every class. I agree to all these terms.