Rock Band Classes are our most popular class. This class keeps kids motivated in music while helping them understand the importance of music theory and practice. It gives them the opportunity to meet other young talented musicians. Additionally, they learn how to rehearse and perform in public. Our Rock Bands have multiple performance opportunities for our communities throughout the year.  After all, music needs to be heard!


Summer Rock Band, age 7-18


Special Summer Project at Woodside

  • Tuesday 6:30-7:15 (mr. Steve Chelliah)

  • Sunday 1:15-2:00 (mr. Jeff Fairbanks)

    Price: $300(9 classes+1 concert) 50% off for weekly lesson students

  • Rock Band Intensive Camp (mr. Steve) August 26-30, Mon-Fri 9:30 am-5pm. Fees: $250 Dismissal will be held at Sunnyside Reform Church. Must participate Performance on Sat. Aug 31th at Windmuller Park


ROCK BAND Class, AGes 7-18(will resume in fall)

Bands: We currently have 6 bands!

Instruments: Vocals, Drums, Keyboard, Electric Guitar and Bass.

Teachers: Alex Cummings, Steven Chelliah and Jeff Fairbanks

Package: You can pay 10 sessions at a time. $300 for 10 classes ($150 for weekly private music students). After 30 weeks, if there are more classes, we will send you an invoice after the whole semester is over). Prorated rate is also available.

  • Fall/Winter: September-January (22 sessions : 5 month x 4 rehearsals+Including two concerts)

  • Spring/Summer: February-June (22 sessions : 5 months x 4 rehearsals+Including two concerts)

    • note that concerts, recording is consider as classes.


Summer Rock Band Schedule

Tuesday(led by mr. Steve): 7/9. 7/16. 7/23. 7/30. 8/6. 8/13. 8/20. 8/27

Sunday(led by mr. Jeff): 7/14. 7/21. 7/28. 8/4. 8/11. 8/18. 8/25

Intensive Camp (led by mr Steve and ms. Andrej): 8/26,8/27,8/28,8/29,8/30