Amazing benefits of music lessons for children include:

  • Development of Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Development of Social Skills
  • Improved Memory and Academics
  • Refining of Discipline and Patience
  • Kindling a Passion and Work Ethic that will translate into any field later in life

How to start?  Register to pay the trial lesson ($35), you will receive an email from the teachers to schedule a lesson.  You can try up to three trial lessons and then purchase monthly contract ($35 x 4 =$140) or pay 10 sessions or by semester with a check(no processing fee).   Q? please call or text (347) 699-6641

Piano Book Here

Violin Book Here

Book Guitar Here

Book Voice Here

Book Sax/flute here

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Orchestra for Violin, Viola and Cello

Fee: FREE when you attend all the rehearsals.  $200  deposit required, pay $20 for each absent, 

  • Fiddlers Ensemble: Sunday 2-2:45
  • Advanced Orchestra: Friday 5:15-6:00 Suzuki book 2-4
  • Beginner Orchestra: Saturday 9:15-10:00 Suzuki book 1

Music For Little Mozart

You can buy these books at amazon

You can buy these books at amazon

Music for Little Mozart Series is made especially for the preschool age group (four-, five- and six-year-olds). This curriculum provides a balance between the discipline necessary for playing the piano and the enjoyment one receives from the process of music making. Three correlating books (Music Lesson Book, Music Workbook and Music Discovery Book) at each of four levels guide the children through a comprehensive approach to musical learning, using the piano over approximately a two-year period. Twice a week lesson required.  One group class and one one on one class.  

Schedule will be TBA

Book a drum here

Rock Band

We welcome passionate young rock music lovers who can play guitar, keyboard, drums or vocal at least at a basic level.  Lots of performance opportunities will be available in local festivals and street fairs.  

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at Woodside location 6:15-7:00
  • Saturday 5:15-6:00  

Fee: $10 (in school students)-$20 (45 min): $150-$300 (15 weeks, Fall)/$400 (20 weeks, Spring)

Helpful Tips:

Need to purchase a keyboard/digital piano?  Here are my choices: Make sure it comes with adapters, stands and headphones and chairs if possible. 

1. Age 8 or older and getting serious? : Yamaha 88 heavy Weighted Digital Piano 

2. Age between 6-8 beginner? : Yamaha 61 keys  

3. Under 5 years old (44 keys, this one has smaller keys): Casio 76 light weighted keyboard

Need to purchase violins or cello?

  • Online ( Not recommending but these two sites are selling string instruments only, therefore, most of them are OK or better quality than other sites, remember that you get what you pay for in these sites).



  • Local Store

1. Tutti Music in Flushing 

2. Flushing Violin Shop

3. SamAsh in Forest Hills or Manhattan


Cancellation Policy (updated)

Sunnyside String School's updated its cancellation policy to address concerns and requests for further clarification from both parents and staff. Please review it carefully as there are several new important changes introduced:

1. A scheduled lesson is defined as a weekly lesson occurring on a student's regular day/time slot, determined at the beginning of the semester.

2. Should a student not be able to attend any scheduled lesson, parent/guardian must contact their child's teacher directly (not the school), and receive a response at least 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson. Cancellation on the day will be consider as missed which means the parents are obligated to pay the teacher's lesson scheduled time.

3. The only acceptable contact methods are to the teacher's phone (either by speaking, voice mail, or text); or to the teacher's email (only with at least 24 hours notice).

4. Parent/guardian requesting cancellation must receive a response from their teacher at least 24 hours before scheduled lesson, in order to be entitled to a rescheduled (“make-up”) lesson.

5. For cancellation requests not confirmed in the above manner, it will be at the teacher's discretion whether or not to allow lesson to be rescheduled. Therefore it is crucial that a parent/guardian give their teacher as much notice as possible for cancellations, and to make every attempt to reach the teacher.

6. A maximum of three canceled lessons may be rescheduled per semester. These include lessons canceled for any reason (emergency, sickness, weather, etc). Any and all canceled lessons beyond the first three will not be rescheduled or refunded for any reason.7. In the event of a teacher’s absence, the teacher is responsible to contact the student directly in advance (except in the case of an emergency) and arrange for a make-up lesson at a future date. Should issues arise in rescheduling please contact the school.

8. For any enrichment program refund, there will be one trial day (paid) is allowed and the parents has to decide whether she/he should continue or not for the rest of semester. Since they commit to the semester, there will be 50% refund available after the first day and no refund after the second day.